My Summer Highlights

Reminiscence: the act of remembering events and experiences from the past

Concept: summertime, the sky is blue, it’s pleasantly warm, and I get a nice tan. I achieve the perfect summer body, and I spend my days going to the beach and doing other outdoorsy shenanigans.

Reality: summertime, the sky is grey and orange because the entirety of California is on fire, temperatures exceed my tolerance of 80 degrees, and I’m still nearly translucent. I have the same body as always, and I’m staying indoors so I don’t fry and can breathe air that isn’t disgusting.

I always want to pretend I like summer until summer actually happens. Summer can kick rocks. I like the idea of it, but it’s way too hot. Like, I get irritable and can’t enjoy myself properly because I’m so overheated. Some of us are more structurally designed for sweater weather than bikini weather. But eh, okay –  I can’t complain too much. Despite my arms-length relationship with summer, I still managed to have a decent one. You’d think that might be impossible since I Lost My First Love, but your girl’s bounce back game has proven strong.

I wanted to give my more eventful shenanigans their own posts since I want to be more personal as part of my blog relaunch, but it wasn’t in the stars for me. I treasure these experiences still, so I thought this memory roundup would be the trick.

I ran my first 5k!

I always told myself I couldn’t do a 5k. I don’t like getting warm and my brain gets so bored when running. I was proud of myself when I would run a mile, so doing three sounded like a bit much. I loved the idea of doing fun races, but, ya know, that isn’t me. That little bubble burst back in March. In a wild burst of spontaneity, I did a Tough Mudder with my bestie for her birthday, and I did adequately. I mean, I signed up for the race 20 minutes before the start time and had no training. It made me realize the only thing stopping me from doing these runs was my own mind. I very specifically dreamed of doing a Color Run, so I decided to get over myself and go for it. I picked out a race in Sacramento in mid-June. I started training and kept mostly quiet about it on my social media because oh godI didn’t wanna say I was doing it and then not. I had moments where I wanted to quit or thought I couldn’t do it, but I kept imaging how happy I would be on race day once I crossed the finish line. And I did it! It was a major challenge and took a lot of dedication yet was so, so worth it. My bestie and I were right on the starting line for the first heat, and I found someone to keep pace with through the whole race. Every labored breath and shin splint paid off in a big way. I was legit proud of myself. I halted my running afterward because summer. I haven’t quit though. I’m starting to run again on cooler days so I can do another Tough Mudder in October and a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving!

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I saw the Grand Canyon!

So, like, I was never passionate about seeing the Grand Canyon, but now that I have, I think everyone needs to. It is truly a awe inspiring. I was in Arizona to visit my childhood friend (’cause god I never would’ve decided to just go to Arizona), so going to the canyon was sort of a tourist obligation. I always imagined the Grand Canyon to be a big, orange crack in the ground, nothing too special, but I kept being told how incredible it is when I told people I was going. My friend had been before, so he told me to close my eyes as we were coming around the last bend to the canyon. He led to me to the railing, and I gasped upon opening my eyes. My jaw hung open as I tried to fathom what I was looking at. Like, it’s enormous and truly looks like a painting. Like, it doesn’t even look real and my brain couldn’t process something so beautiful exists. I legit started crying because I was so overwhelmed by the beauty of it. I imagined it to be probably a fifth of what it was. It’s HUGE. It blows my mind I was so indifferent to the entirety of Arizona, but it is such a stunning place. It’s abundant with natural beauty. I have so much more I want to do in the state now.

I decided how I want to turn my blog into a business!

I’m gonna be honest, my next blog post is all about this, so I’m not going to say much here. I was having brunch with Danetha Doe of Money and Mimosas back in early June, and she told me to follow a specific instagram account she thought I would like. Little did I know following this account would totally change my life and give me a clear vision of my purpose. I was so awkward and anxious during my brunch with Danetha because I was about to relaunch my blog and had no sure path of how I was going to make my dream happen. I was there with Danetha, who is absolutely killing it with her brand, and I felt like I was some impostor by sitting next to her. I was diving in with essentially no plan or narrow, focused goal, but I knew I wanted it. Hell, more than wanted it. This writing game and helping people is what calls to me, but I didn’t know how to make it a business. Now I feel 100% like I know what I’m working towards and what I want to accomplish with my brand and business to-be!

I achieved a major savings goal!

I’m not going to make this weird by talking about how much money I make or any of my specific financial elements, but I set a savings goal when I started my job last year and finally met it at the end of June! It was insanely satisfying to look in my banking app and see that magical number I strove for. Talking about money is sort of a taboo subject, but it makes me so happy to have money. I love when I can slide my card and know I’m good. I love adding to my savings accounts as much as I love spending my heart out. People say money can’t buy happiness, but I’ve never really believed that. Money buys me experiences and memories that only money can bring me. I’m trying to be an entrepreneur and a business owner, so money definitely has a special space in my heart. I want to earn my money and know it’s something pure because it came from my own efforts.

I’m going on a Friendscation to Tahoe!

This one hasn’t happened yet, but it’s totally a highlight in the making. My friends and I have a sweet AirBNB booked for a dope weekend away on the lake. My friend who has taken charge of organizing the weekend is actually keeping the place a secret from us. She’s given us a sneak peek via some of the description, and, like, I feel like we might be staying in a mansion cabin. We’re going to have a board game night, go kayaking, and eat everything. I’m personally looking forward to some nature meditations and posting up with my camera for nifty lake shots. It’s a bummer since I don’t quite have all the spiffy camera lenses nature photography needs, but I’ll make the most of it. The photos are a bonus to spending an awesome weekend with my friends.