Choice: an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities. I have something I need to say. More like a sequence of things, but I need to say it. I’ve… View Post

I’ve had an interest in journaling ever since I was a kid. I loved the idea of having a space for me to engage with myself and explore my emotions and thoughts because, well, I… View Post

AUTUMN THOUGH! Autumn is the best season of all seasons, and I’m ready to have a full on physical altercation about it but not really please don’t hit me. The colors, the weather, the energy… View Post

Love the look? Check it out here. I’ve been held together by thread, Threading thoughts I filter through teeth, Scraping away unpleasantries And truths I thought might make you Leave. A thread I guided with trembled… View Post

Top // Cotton On (Similar) Necklace // Etsy Skirt // Zara Shoes // Modcloth (unavailable) You know how some outfits just make you feel pretty? Like, you look in the mirror and you’re like GIRL. There’s bae;… View Post