The Final Stretch

Elephant in the Room: an obvious problem or difficult situation that people do not want to talk about

Remember when I made a public declaration about how I Want To Be a Blogger, made a few blog posts, and then didn’t post again for three months and nine days until now? Pfft yeah me either.

I know this looks bad. Really bad. Exceptionally bad. Like I wanted to talk the talk and not walk the walk bad.

Let me assure you I’ve been riddled with anxiety about the lack of posting throughout the entirety of the past three months and nine days. This whole rebranding thing has been so much effort. I didn’t mean for it to take this long or to all out disappear – again.

I have news though: I’m coming back to posting!

I planned to post through the full process of my rebrand, but the project got bigger and bigger and I couldn’t maintain posting while doing the back end work. I didn’t want to draw people to (what I started to feel was) a half-done blog or something I wasn’t proud of.  I started to step up my content in January and move in my new direction, but the rest of my blog had been left behind: my pages, my sidebar, the overall aesthetic. I wanted quality across the board, so I kept adding task after task that had to be done for this rebrand.

Like, let me straight up show you the evolution of my to-do list.

Original To-Do List:

  • Move TCFL to WordPress
  • Fix post formatting and links
  • Get a header designed
  • Add my story to my About Me page

That’s chill, yeah? Like, this is a totally manageable list one could do in a month to a month and a half. This is why I started posting in January and thought oooh, I can post through it. It’ll be fine.

This is what my to-do list became:

  • Move TCFL to WordPress
  • Fix post formatting and links
  • Get a header designed
  • Add my story to my About Me page
  • Create a Start Here page
  • Create a Content Guide page
  • Create a Resources page
  • Write and continually edit copy for these pages
  • Figure out my photo spread for each page
  • Redo my Contact/PR page
  • Create a hashtag for my blog/brand
  • Research SEO
  • Create new category for new content
  • Purge content not in line with my new vision
  • Rewrite my sidebar bio
  • Decide my color scheme

This was not the plan. Like, had I known what a rabbit hole moving to WordPress and trying to rebrand would lead me down, I wouldn’t have started posting in January.

But ell oh ell oh well. I did and here we are.

Some of my new changes have been rolled out already like my updated Contact/PR page, my sidebar bio blurb, my sidebar hashtag blurb (#TCFLsquad), my color scheme, and my new blog header. The rest of the changes like my new pages and updated About Me page will go live next week when my post finally sharing my vision and the future of Too Cute For Life goes live.

I feel like I’m finally going to have some semblance of a big girl blog, in a way. That sounds kinda silly, but it’s wild for me to look at everything I’ve produced compared to my first blog two years ago. When you’re starting out and know nothing, it’s easy to get down about yourself and be bummed you don’t have a blog like someone more experienced, but it’s immensely satisfying to go along your journey to learn and grow to earn your achievement.

Big things are coming soon, friends.