The Girl

Breanna Catharina

Noun | bree – ON – uh cawh – ter – EENA

: the girl who writes poems on receipt paper

: the girl who will fall in love with you if you smell nice

: the girl always reaching for the cupcakes

: the girl who wants to live in red lipstick

: the girl who shamelessly stares at her reflection

: the girl who hangs out by the snack table at parties

: the girl who spends too much on high heels and dresses

: the girl who doodles hearts in her note margins

: the girl always looking to try something new

: the girl ordering the spiciest dish on the menu

: the girl who wants to pet all the cats

: the girl who is actually 22 and not 12


: Bre

: Breyonce

: “Aye girl!”

Examples of Bre in a Sentence

Will someone tell Bre to stop eating all the snacks?

God, Bre is looking at herself in the window again.

Bre said she’s bringing cake.


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