Breanna Catharina

Noun | bree – ON – uh cawh – ter – EENA

: the girl who writes poems on receipt paper

: the girl who will fall in love with you if you smell nice

: the girl always reaching for the cupcakes and isn’t sorry about it

: the girl who wants to live in red lipstick and cat eyeliner but gahhh… she can’t put it on right

: the girl who shamelessly stares at her reflection

: the girl who despised school but wants to learn as much as she can

: the girl who hangs out by the snack table at parties

: the girl who doodles hearts in her note margins

: the girl always looking to try something new

: the girl ordering the spiciest dish on the menu

: the girl who wants to pet all the cats


: Bre

: Breyonce

: “Aye girl!”

Examples of Bre in a Sentence

Will someone tell Bre to stop eating all the snacks?

God, Bre is looking at herself in the window again.

Bre said she’s bringing cake.


Hey friend! Let’s talk.

I have to admit something: I truly hate this part. Absolutely hate it. This is the section where I’m supposed to sell you on memy heart, my life, my essence. It ties knots in my belly like no other. I’ve agonized over several difference copies and drafts of said copies to put here. I want to say the right combination of somethings to make you like me and want to be my friend. I want to show you how quirky and fun I am while also somewhat smart and insightful. And underneath the personality and dazzle, I’m supposed to be selling you on what a valuable resource I am – convince you I’m worth being in your life. I feel like I’m setting up some kind of friendship-business Tindr profile, honestly.

But here’s the deal, I don’t know how to do that.

I’ve wrestled with this truth because I feel like it’s, I dunno, not the best selling point for someone trying to be an entrepreneur and start their own business. I’ve read the blog posts and listened to the podcasts about all the engaging bits and pieces of myself I’m supposed to put here, but I can’t get it right. I understand selling myself is an important skill to have, but I want this space to be about authenticity. I feel like every time I’ve tried to force a human connection in my life, I fall flat on my face. Trying to sell myself to you isn’t making me happy, so I’m not going to force it right now.

Let me say this: I can’t sell to you, but I want to help you.

That’s a promise. That’s what would make me happy. I want to help you live your best life and be your best self – I call these your bests. It would be really sexy and sleek if I had some credentials and qualifications to show you why you should trust me, but all I have is the promise I am on the same journey. I want us to be drinking matcha lattes together and checking out quirky, aesthetic places and talking about life. Like, I want us to dive into the real stuff that we’re insecure about or completely enthralled by. I’m not above you – I’m here with you.

I don’t have it all figured out, but I’m working everyday to try to.

I’m deeply passionate about cultivating myself into the best possible version of me I can, and I want other people to do the same. I believe everyone is entitled to being their absolute best and living lives that are vibrant. Perhaps I don’t have a smart piece of paper to dangle in front of you, but I have my heart to expose and lay bear. I’ve made myself a student of the universe. I’m reading the books, meditating, and discovering every way I can to heal. I’m going to be a coach, teacher, and speaker. I am on my path and I’m trying to share it with you. I’m not selling to you when I say I want to do this with you.

But, like, let me go ahead and go dating profile on you for a second with some basics.

I’m 23. I got my B.A. in English with an emphasis in creative writing from San Francisco State University in 2017. I’m a Gemini/Capricorn/Taurus. My personality type is ENFJ-T. I have two cats named Wishes “Whizzy” and Zombie “Zommie.” I also have an Australian Shepard named Watson. I’m basic as hell and love flowers to the point it lowkey annoys me when I see memes telling boys not to give them to me. I carry four to five different crystals in my pocket every day. I’m aggressively productive to the point I get anxious if I’m not doing something, yet I often manage to not be doing something. I’m one of those people who finds cleaning to be insanely therapeutic and can’t stand living in a disorganized space. I generally want to eat everything ever and go to every fun restaurant I can. I’m trying to be more spontaneous, but I’m ultimately a planner at the end of the day.

Get to know me professionally!

I totally revamped my blog in 2018. I embraced my dreams of being a blogger and rolled out with a brand new goal and vision. I signed up for a Masterclass by Gabby Bernstein, and it’s helping my on my path to become a life coach!

Get to know me romantically!

I got my first boyfriend in high school. After three years together, I planned on telling him I loved him. I didn’t exactly follow through though. I wanted to give dating a go again in 2017 in a more formal way – Boyfriend Applications. I also dropped the bomb about being a virgin in my twenties shortly after. I didn’t quite get a boyfriend, but I got my first love who I lost in the most crushing way.

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