Welcome to Too Cute For Life

Refocus: to change the emphasis or direction of

I’ve been misspeaking. It’s only in the last few days I’ve realized it, and I felt an immediate clarity once I did. I’ve been calling my work these past few months a rebranding, but that’s not what it is.

This isn’t a rebranding – it’s a refocus.

I feel like that sounds kinda cheesy, but it feels right. It feels like it captures everything I was trying to say with rebranding. I’m still me, TCFL is still TCFL, but I’ve found my footing, where I want to be. My vision and intention have become focused in a way they weren’t before.

But ya know, I’m not going to drag this out. Enough being coy, so let me get to the point – my vision for TCFL going forward.

Psst… if you want a little catch up on what led to this, read these posts first!

You see, I’ve made no secret TCFL isn’t my first blog. My first blog was called Smile, Sugar.. It was the sloppiest disaster of a self-help/mental health blog. Like, bruh – embarrassing. I didn’t know the blogging space, my website looked a hot mess, and my posts were too mechanical and academic. I was forcing myself to write about topics I thought would be better ideas than what I was actually passionate about.

I ended up giving up and starting TCFL, which was simply a lifestyle blog. I blogged about my life and interests and hoped to make a connection with people. I wasn’t in any particular niche, and I felt content with that – for a while. I quickly wanted TCFL to have more purpose than it did, but it wasn’t until I started taking a blogging course that I found I actually did have a goal and place in the blogging world I wanted to fit myself into – and it was where I had already been.

Helping people is why I started blogging, so I’m going back to my roots.

My vision moving forward isn’t new. It’s a mature, developed version of what I was trying to do from the start. I’m going to bring the passion and know-how of TCFL and combine it with the purpose of Smile, Sugar.I want to put my voice, heart, and hand out there for people who need support on their journey to their best self.

I think everyone has the power and ability to be their best within them, but sometimes a little help is needed. Who we surround ourselves with and the influences we allow in our lives inspire us, guide us, and have a role in who we are. To help myself grow, I surrounded myself with passionate, artistic, confident people. I didn’t become these things because of those people – they helped refine and amplify these qualities already inside me.

I want to offer myself up you to be that virtual friend on the other side of your screen. I want to talk about what’s holding you back and keeping you up at night, what your goals are short-term and long-term, what changes you’re thinking about making, what you wish would happen, and what you’re dreaming of when your mind wanders off.

I want you to feel like yourself.

I feel like so many people have this self inside them that they don’t get to fully be. I read all this content about living your dream life and working hard for the tomorrow you want, but I want to provide something with more immediacy.

And, I mean, like, I’m all about planning for the future and and working hard for the life you want to live, but life is happening in this moment. We should be able to be happy in our skin and our lives right now. I strongly believe that until you become your strongest, truest self, you can’t truly have your dream life.

Let me help you live your bests –

your best self and your best life.

We each have a best self inside us that we can nurture and cultivate, and I want to help lift you up to find yours. Maybe you need to be more spontaneous or don’t know how to handle relationships or how to develop a healthier lifestyle or whatever it may be! I want TCFL to become a resource to you whenever you think about improving yourself. 

And, I mean, while I do want to support you and guide you, I still want to laugh and talk about fun things. That’s how friends work. I still love clothes and writing lighter, fun content. My blog isn’t going to transform into being strictly about how to change your life. I already tried that and it didn’t work. I’m still going to write fashion posts, and I’m planning to bring more of my own life onto the blog. I’m even going to write more posts about blogging so you all know exactly how I’m trying to step up my game.

I think it would be pretty dope to take it off the blog too. I want us to develop a community of passionate people who are happy in who they are and the lives they’re living and creating. I’ve started a little hashtag to use on Instagram to help connect us – #TCFLsquad. This hashtag is for everyone to use when they’re living their bests and generally having a good time. I’m gonna do shout outs on my Instagram story for people that use it (within reason). Like, even if one person uses it, they’re getting their own spotlight.

I have one request before we wrap this up: I want to hear from you. Be it a comment, an e-mail, a tweet, or a DM, I want to hear from you about what is holding you back from your bests and what content would best serve you. I already have plenty of ideas of what I want to write, but there might be something I don’t see that you and others need. This request has no expiration date, so please reach out. I plan on making an anonymous reader survey soon asking the same thing, in case you’re too shy, but the sooner the better!

I’m pretty stoked about what’s to come – exhilarated! I’m especially excited for us to do it together. Wholly and truly, thank you.